In Sight

A quarterly column by POET's Founder and CEO

Why Bioethanol?So, what comes next?This is Our TimeThis Too Shall Pass2020: Clear Vision for a New DecadeYear-round E15 is finally here!Growth Energy: 10 Years Leading an IndustryBiofuels: The only real solution to climate changeE15: Promise Made, Promise Kept by TrumpIs Leadership Important?It’s Time to Make Some Noise About the Ag Crisis2017: A Big Year for BiofuelsA Letter to the Millennial GenerationBring Back the Good Name of Biofuels30 Years of Changing the WorldSomething's Got to GiveCreating the FutureToo Much Corn?Neil Armstrong and the Spirit of InnovationBreaking the Blend WallA Critical TimeA Tremendous ImpactIn this WarRoller Coaster RideA Little CrazyHard and RiskyA New EraTime TravelYou’re no dummy. Don’t let the oil industry treat you like one.The Blessings of FreedomSo God made a farmer."Yes we can!"

Farm Fresh

Insights from Brian and Darren Hefty

Increasing Yields Starts with the Planter$100/Hour JobsGet Your Vitamins From FarmersIs the Midwest Actually a Tropical Destination?A Farmer’s View on Carbon FootprintNutrient Availability Depends on Soil pHThriving In ExtremesHow Can Farmers Beat Mother Nature?Variable Rate Fertilizer: Improving Crops, Cutting CostsWorry Less. Farm More.Fixing Saline and Sodic Soils‘Salute to Farmers’ Float: Recognizing the Importance of FarmersHow Can Satellites Improve Crops?Salute to FarmersNitrogen Management in FieldsNatural Products in AgricultureRecord Crop, Record Nutrient UseHow do Baseball Lessons Apply to Farming?Multi-Variety Planting... In the Same FieldFarm Drainage and the EnvironmentWhat is a Super Weed?Cover Crops Improve SoilsThe Answer to Sustainability is Modern TechnologyIs Your Crop Getting Enough Fertility?Where can I cut costs on the farm in 2015?

Mechanics Corner

Automotive advice from The Under The Hood radio show

We Have a Need for Speed!Octane is the King of the CastleSmall Engines vs. EthanolCARB and CAFÉ: What You Need to KnowCommon Ethanol MythsWhat You Need to Know About Using E15What Makes Our Engines Ethanol Friendly?Ethanol Is the Fuel of Cars, ConversationsIt All Starts With the Fuel

NASCAR® Update

The latest in what's happening with NASCAR

Optimism After the StormHonoring the Last American HeroRising from the AshesA Legend for a LegendChassis #490 A Token of GratitudeA Look Back from the FutureThe Green Flag: Harnessing the Power of Influence to Cultivate Even More NASCAR, American Ethanol FansThe NASCAR Superfan Next DoorBig Things, Small BeginningsTomorrow Is OursBack to the SpeedwayA Conversation With NASCAR’s Most Famous Crewman, Danny ‘Chocolate’ MyersInvesting in Knowledge'And That, My Friend, is Innovation'The Best is Yet to ComeTeam American Ethanol: Making LemonadeDressed for SuccessThinking BigIf They Can Change, We All Can ChangeHenry Ford’s Vision Helped Fuel NASCAR®American Ethanol Progress Update and Game Plan 20132012 season exciting and rewardingSpring 2012

Out of Left Field

Musings and words of wisdom from POET team member Scott Johnson

The Perspective of a TurtleThanks for the LemonsInviting JoyThe Power of CoffeeWhat Is so Compelling About Superheroes?Does Tiny Living Provide Big Benefits?Age is RelativeFalling Light Bulbs and the Relentless Pursuit of PerfectionEnglish Is ConfusingBiofuels: The Good FightConversation: We Learn From Each Other, No Matter the TopicEventually We Will Make a Joyful NoiseThe Quest to Find the Perfect Fuzzy FriendBuying in BulkOn DemandFarm KidHalf MarathonSkamanthaPassion for Your Job


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