Every Generation
Farming has been the backbone of the American way of life for years. Today’s technology is working to keep that a reality.
Gone Fishing
Biofuels and the Defense of America
New Direction
Like most modern ethanol plants, all POET plants are powered by natural gas. But for one, that may no longer be the case.
Biorefinery of the Future
As the demand for ethanol increases, POET continues to innovate.
Team Effort
For Larry Ward, project development at POET is no easy task and requires strong leadership.
To Farm or Not to Farm: That is the Question
Global Changes
Food prices may be high and rising, but across the globe, farmers in developing countries — and subsequently these nations’ economies — will benefit like never before.
Securing a Nation
U.S. national security interests demand that we end our dependence on foreign oil. Ethanol is uniquely positioned to help meet that critical goal. But what must happen, and how long will it take?
Renew: Summer 2008


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