Passion, Love of Sport Drive Racing
Growth Energy Advocacy ConferencePOET General Managers and other Growth Energy members took to Capitol Hill to advocate for ethanol.
A Fight Worth Fighting
Even as a kid growing up in a small South Dakota town, Greg Breukelman knew he wanted a career that would make a difference. A career that could help change the world.
If We Build it, It Will Grow
Is there anything remotely positive we can take from this year’s growing season?
Times Are Changing
Next time you see a NASCAR® race on TV or in person, I hope you see a sport that is not only competitive and fun – but also upholding American values.
Driven to success
POET and SAE Formula One racing teams on track to a better future
POET team members take to the tracks
Stock cars, dragsters, go-karts, dirt bikes offer thrills
Rookie Speed
Driving the No. 3 black Chevy, 22-year-old Austin Dillon’s winning attitude is catapulting his racing career and American Ethanol.
Celebrating Ten Years of ‘Making Things Better’
The west-central Iowa community of Coon Rapids takes time to reflect on its first decade of life in the biofuels era.
Sunoco Green E15 makes seamless transition for NASCAR® engines
Drivers put in 3 million miles on 15% ethanol
First Look: "We need to work together..."
We have long-term energy policy in place that is working today. The notion that we need to change it in a knee-jerk reaction to a one-year challenge is wrong.


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