First In The Wolverine State
The first (and POET’s only) ethanol plant in Michigan may differ somewhat from its peers, but it’s making a big difference in the state’s economically stressed “Thumb” region.
Energy Independence Through Fuel Choice
Guest Column
Freedom of Choice
Americans deserve a choice between a foreign commodity and a renewable, homegrown fuel.
Popular Appeal
The second part of a series on alternative energy sources, the ever popular drop-in fuels gets a second look.
Less Really Is More
When I was a kid I can remember looking at my father and thinking, “When I’m a Dad, I’ll know everything about everything.”
POET’s Unique New Corn Oil Extraction Process Brings Benefits to All
Common Sense, Business Sense
A recent study shows that a few seemingly simple ideas will pay big environmental dividends – Project LIBERTY will actually offset more greenhouse gases than it produces.
Man of Many Hats
Within a year of being hired as POET’s Chief Operating Officer of Plant Management, James Moe was tapped to head the company’s burgeoning Design & Construction unit as well. It was the perfect challenge for a skilled multi-tasker who has worn many hats throughout his career, but always keeps a cool head.
First Look: Motivation To Make A Difference


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