A Common Voice
The country’s leading ethanol producers join forces through Growth Energy to dispel the myth that ethanol is responsible for high food prices.
From Here to There
The ethanol industry has taken the complex transport of its products and turned it into an innovative, efficient and cost-effective process.
At Least You’ve Got Your Health
Scaling the Blend Wall
In 2009, the ethanol industry will confront the most serious challenge yet to its long-term viability. And the future of U.S. energy independence may hang in the balance.
Have a Little Faith
Bob Casper continues to take POET Ethanol Products to new heights with ingenuity, integrity and a little good old-fashioned faith.
One Step Closer
Project LIBERTY continues to make headway with the commercialization of cellulosic ethanol.
The Future is Bright
Today, you can’t pick up the newspaper or watch the news without hearing about layoffs, bankruptcies and recession.
Born to Innovate
POET’s flagship plant is now the portal into the world of commercially viable cellulosic ethanol production for the company and the nation.
Renew: Winter 2009


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