Get Biofuel: What’s in a Brand?

Evolution is a necessary part of almost every aspect of life. Companies are not immune to this growth. Growth Energy’s brand is its calling card, signaling our identity to the world. And like a NASCAR racecar, we must fine-tune our brand to stay in the spotlight.

Companies throughout history have rebranded to stay relevant to their evolving market. Tupperware, Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, and Apple have all adopted new brand identities to stay in touch with their ever-changing consumer. Likewise, the biofuels industry has similarly adapted. For example, in 2007, Broin Companies evolved to POET reflecting its commitment to shaping the biofuel industry and cultivating the road to the low-carbon bioeconomy of the future.

Growth Energy’s new brand identity puts our industry’s innovative spirit front and center. Our new look highlights how our members are shaping new markets and fueling a new era for plant-based solutions that expand our bioeconomy. Our new tagline — formerly America’s Ethanol Supporters — became Expanding America’s Bioeconomy. This new mantra perfectly fits our members who are cultivating a new generation of plant-based solutions that are helping Americans meet our energy needs, our economic demands, and our nation’s carbon reduction goals, all at the same time.

Our new logo reflects the transformation of farm-based resources into an ever-growing array of bioproducts that deliver benefits on the ground and in the air. The new Growth Energy logo is a natural evolution from the leaves depicted in our former logo. Each color and line forming the new leaf and its echoes reinforce the diversity of the biofuels industry.

It is an exciting time for our industry, and it is time we highlight the full extent of our value chain, including the science, labor, and investment that allows the U.S. to produce an endless variety of products from renewable, plant-based feedstocks.

“Growth Energy members are fueling a new era for America’s bioeconomy,” said CEO Emily Skor. “We are blazing a new trail toward a clean energy future that is both affordable and sustainable, and we want our brand to reflect these advancements.”




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