Grain for Change

Change the World from the Cab of Your Truck

For producers who deliver corn to POET locations, there is a new opportunity to influence powerful change and empower subsistence farmers across the globe — without even leaving your truck! Grain for Change, a new Seeds of Change initiative, uses money raised from grain donations to help support Mission Grow, one of the projects sponsored by POET’s nonprofit organization.

Seeds of Change believes everyone is entitled to quality education, a reliable food supply and a healthy living environment, and it works to bring those things to people around the world through its three missions: Hope, Grow and Breathe. While Mission Hope supports two schools for some of Kenya’s most vulnerable students, and Mission Breathe provides clean-burning biofuel cookstoves to Haitians, Mission Grow is likely to resonate most immediately with American farmers. This mission is centered on what you know best: using sustainable agricultural practices to make a profit.

Mission Grow works with a partner in Kenya to train local farmers in practical, effective agricultural techniques that improve crop yields, increase livestock populations and boost other agricultural income sources. Before implementing these methods, many farm families were susceptible to drought and famine. Thanks to Mission Grow, however, those same people are no longer starving or just scraping by each day. They are thriving.

Village Based Advisors work to show proper pruning, fungicide application, insecticide and biostimulants to produce greatly improved mango yields!

Purity Nduku demonstrates two of her plots planted during the same growing season: conventional methods (left) and deep tillage and proper seed placement (right).

For less than the cost of three bushels of corn, you can provide the resources and education necessary to change the trajectory of someone’s life. Over the last five years more than half a million people in rural Kenya have been impacted with this simple yet revolutionary knowledge through Mission Grow. Those individuals can now afford to send their children to school and buy basic household necessities, and their increased purchasing power is boosting local economies.

No matter the size, your donation will make a difference. And the donor is benefitted as well, as the gift may have multiple tax benefits. Whether you give 5 bushels or 500, Grain for Change is a simple way to make a lasting difference by sharing your bountiful harvest.

How Does Grain for Change Work?

- When delivering grain to a POET location, producers can tell the scale master or merchandiser how many bushels or what percentage of the delivery they would like to donate.

That amount will then be allocated to an account for Seeds of Change.

The money generated from those bushels will be used to support Mission Grow.




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