POET PAC: David vs. Goliath

POET PAC’s mission is to support and promote candidates committed to championing biofuels and rural America. Simply put, we support those who support us. And we’re lucky to have stalwart champions on both sides of the political aisle. However, when it comes to financial resources, we have to admit that our opponents maintain a distinct advantage. At times, it can feel like David taking on Goliath.

The growth of super PACs has had an enormous impact on the political influence of PACs opposed to the Renewable Fuel Standard and the growth of biofuels. From 2000-2010, contributions from oil and gas PACs to candidates averaged $32 million each election cycle, according to data from the Center for Responsive Politics. In the subsequent decade (2010 to 2020), the average grew to $98 million annually, a three-fold increase. Compare that to the biofuels industry. POET, Growth Energy, and RFA’s PACs combined contribute roughly $1.4 million annually.

Through proactive initiatives and effective advocacy efforts, POET PAC is committed to representing its members in Washington and defending our champions across the nation. We stay in the fight with your contributions ? and because we know the policy battles decided over the next few years will impact biofuels and agriculture for decades to come.

POET PAC selectively invests in champions on the frontlines of our most difficult battles and can help us deliver victory. At the same time, our biggest and fiercest competitors are also investing millions in halting our advance.

David was small, but he was smart. In the face of the overwhelming financial advantage of biofuel opponents, POET PAC deploys our limited dollars strategically ? when and where they will have the most impact. We don’t have limitless resources to protect us. We stay focused, and our plan is simple:

• Keep congressional seats in the hands of pro-biofuel and pro-agriculture lawmakers

• Counter the influence of anti-biofuel candidates and lawmakers

• Keep our seat at the table during critical discussions that impact the future of rural America

Our opponents have fought hard for decades to bolster their candidates and keep them in positions of power, and we know they’re not going to simply surrender. We need to stay ever vigilant and prepared. POET PAC is our best avenue to impact the election process and ensure we continue to have leaders in Washington who will faithfully represent our industry. There is no organization working harder on your behalf to educate our policy leaders about the critical need for American-made biofuels, bioprocessing, and renewable bioproducts.

Help us amplify our voice in Washington. Stay informed, get involved, and help us defend biofuel workers and the American farmer. It’s more than a contribution; it’s an investment in a better future.

And remember… David won.

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